COPEAM is the intersection of two major paths defining the Euro-Mediterranean audio-visual space throughout time: the recurrent central role of the Mediterranean in world policies and the growing role of the media in the communication revolution marking the end of the 20th century. A space which saw its inception and evolution at the same time as that of COPEAM’s intuition, whose foundations were laid in Palermo in 1990 and 1994 with two great Foundation Conferences.

   COPEAM, as the network of networks, was formally set up in Cairo in 1996, after the statutes of Association had been approved confirming its deeply innovative component. A permanent forum of dialogue and cooperation, able to bring closer not only the shores of the Mediterranean, but also the different actors of the Euro-Mediterranean cultural and audio-visual sector: radio and TV broadcasters, professional associations, inter-governmental institutions, international agencies and non-governmental associations, cultural and research institutes, independent producers, universities, local institutions …

   The multicultural vocation, maintained by COPEAM throughout time, has made it a unique experience, which is made clear through the manifold implementations of these past years: news exchange, training, co-productions, seminars, cultural events. Networking the Mediterranean area, a formula that reveals a method: the ability of enhancing different experiences developing interconnections and synergies, taking always into account the specific abilities and skills of each one.

   The COPEAM method, based on the innovative use of the Communication System, can be identified with the principle of «shared Know-how »: expand intelligence, knowledge and know-how, thanks to the synergy among distant individuals who will eventually share a complementary knowledge. A system approach that, by transferring knowhow, overturns the concept of centre and periphery, organizing the Association as a multicentric and connective reality structured in three different sectors: training, dialogue and product.
   The richness and variety of the cooperation between ASBU EBU and COPEAM has led the three organizations to decide the holding of annual mutual meeting, on the occasion of ASBU’s General assembly. Common interest issues and joint, underway projects are then reviewed and discussed.  

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