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Welcome to Arab States Broadcasting Union -

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International Cooperation


Internationally, ASBU enjoys a unique place among regional and international unions with which it maintains strong professional relations. ASBU is a very active member of the World Broadcasting Union (WBU). It has also built strong professional cooperation relationships with professional unions and regional bodies, as part of its effort to establish cooperation bridges between the Arab region and other regional and international broadcasting organizations.

These relationships cover a variety of fields, depending on the partner's field of interest. They mostly include co-production and exchange of experiences, training and program exchanges, news and sports coverage, etc. ASBU's  most prominent partners include:

 World Broadcasting Union (WBU) : The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) is an active member in the World Broadcasting Union (WBU). It contributes to reflection sessions and professional debates on common interest topics organized by WBU to the benefit of regional broadcasting.

  European Broadcasting Union (EBU) : Old and distinguished relationships link ASBU to its European counterpart, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). They mainly cover the fields of news exchanges, training and programming. 

 Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM) :  represents one of the fruits of cooperation between ASBU and the European Broadcasting Union.  As the network of networks, it is a permanent forum of dialogue and cooperation, able to bring closer not only the shores of the Mediterranean, but also the different actors of the Euro-Mediterranean cultural and audio-visual sector. While inclusive of various areas, cooperation between ASBU and COPEAM has achieved outstanding results in the field of joint television production, with major co-production of TV series, with the participation of 4 to 7 TV corporations from the north of the Mediterranean and as many from the southern bassin. They include "Jouossour" or "bridges" and "Inter-Rives".

 Asian Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) : Cooperation between the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and Asian Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) goes back to 2002. It includes several fields, mainly radio and TV training, co-production, joint event organization and the World TV Award.

 Asia Broadcasting Union (ABU) : ASBU and EBU have agreed, in conformity with a memorandum of understanding they signed in October 2012, to have their joint cooperation include several professional fields, such as the exchange of news packages, joint coverage of some major events of common interest, ASBU's participation at the Asia Media Summit (AMS) organized yearly by the Asian Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), and in other professional projects, with the possibility of undertaking some radio and TV co-productions, in addition to cooperation in the fields of training and sports coverage.

 State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television in China : ASBU has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China's State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television in 2013. It provides for establishing cooperation between the Chinese institution and ASBU TV member corporations to cover news, produce TV programs, technical exchanges and train staffs. The Chinese Administration is also to seek disseminating Arab news through the Asian continent through the broadcasting of a weekly TV program package on Chinese channels.

 India Radio and TV Corporation : The two parties are seeking to establish cooperation that includes " exchanges of TV programs that highlight cultural, art features and economic, social activity in the Arab region."  In a first step, ASBU also prepares, through its radio and TV exchange center in Algiers, an Arab 10-minute news package of selective exchanged Arab news items for the use by various Indian TV channels.