The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) plays a major role in the sports field. It seeks mainly to acquire broadcasting rights for major Arab and international sports events, ensure they are covered by appropriate professional crews and provide such a coverage to all member corporations. The office of sports mission includes the following tasks:

Carry out contacts and negotiations with rights holders, sponsors and advertisers in order to obtain broadcasting rights for regional and international sports events to the benefit of member corporations.

Seek to obtain detailed information on Arab sporting events and take the appropriate measures relating to organizing and coordinating their coverage of the events, to ensure that member corporations fully benefit of the coverage. The office closely coordinates this task with ASBU's financial and technical departments, as well as with the Arab Center for Radio and TV Exchanges (Algiers).

Follow-up on concluding contracts on covering regional and international sports events in coordination with financial and technical departments.

Follow-up on determining contract financial value and repartition of costs among the beneficiary member.

Organize regional and international events' coverage to the benefit of member corporations in coordination and cooperation with the financial and technical departments.

Draft ASBU's work plan in the field of sports and present it to the appropriate Standing Committee.

Coordinate with the Arab Center for Radio and Television Training (Damascus) in order to organize appropriate training sessions according to the wishes expressed by member corporations.

Ensure the technical secretariat for the Sports Standing Committee, prepare for its annual meetings and follow up on implementing its recommendations. 

Preparation of sport reports to be submitted to ASBU's General Assembly, Executive Council and various Standing Committees.

Make efforts to increase the amount exchanged sports news among member corporations, improve their quality and coordinate in so doing with the program department and the Arab Center for Radio and TV Exchanges.

Work on strengthening and its member corporations with sports federations to ensure wider usage of Arab sports activities by radio and TV channels.

Coordinate with technical department in recruiting unified Arab crews to cover major sporting events.

Represent ASBU at international events, exhibits and forums relating to sports.