ASBU seeks to boost radio news and programme exchanges among member-corporations and to set up plans and strategies to this effect. It organizes seminars, workshops and contests in the radio areas of activity, and coordinate Arab radio-stations and exchange expertise, information, co-production and services amongst them. Exchanges are mostly acheived through the Multimedia Exchange Network over Satellite (ASBU-MENOS). It also seeks to intensify international cooperation in audio broadcasting.

Collective Exchanges

 "Program archive": includes a set of radio program anthologies exchanged among members in accordance with the timetable allowing a number of corporations (according to the schedule set by ASBU) to offer each month their programs for exchange.

  "In Arab eyes" : a program covering some key issues in various areas, as seen from an Arab standpoint . Its topic is chosen annually by the Standing Committee on radio.

  "Arab Figures": a program featuring each time one of major Arab figures in various fields. Its topic is chosen annually by the Standing Committee on radio, and each member produces a program and offers it for exchange.

  Religious events programs: These programs are exchanged on religious occasions by ASBU members. The Saudi Radio covers religions rites during the month of Ramadan, AL HAJ (Pilgrimage) and religions Aids (Fêtes) via the ASBU-MENOS Radio system.

 Regular Reports: include news, cultural and sports reports transmitted by ASBU members via the ASBU-MENOS Radio system.

Bilateral exchanges

They  include reports in the field of news, culture, sports and other.


ASBU is active in supporting the joint Arab radio cooperation and program co-production efforts. A number of program series and collections have been co-produced, including:

 "The language of Arabs" program: twelve radio corporations (12)participated in the production of three collections, each consisting of a set of 90 episodes to teach the Arabic language. the total rises to 270 episodes of 15 minutes each.

 Series "Al-Qods (Jerusalem) is Arab": to stress the Arab identity of Jerusalem and with the participation of eleven corporations, the series has been produced in fifty episodes and distributed to Arab broadcasters participating in the production.

  Seminars and workshops: ASBU regularly organizes seminars or workshops on one aspect of radio work.

International cooperation

 World Radio Day: ASBU is a member of the International Committee for the World Radio Day, which was approved by UNESCO on the thirteenth of February each year. ASBU provides ideas and proposals for the development of the celebration annually, and actively participates in the celebration on the ceremonial platform and in the UNESCO website, as well as in direct global broadcasting, held for the occasion.

Festivals and competitions

 Arab Radio and Television Festival: Held annually in Tunis and includes a contest for radio programs involving all ASBU member broadcasters, as well as radio stations and private Arab production companies and radio stations, in addition to international radio stations broadcasting in the Arabic language.

Arab radio guide

A data base that includes basic information on 223 radio stations in 21 Arab broadcasting corporations.