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    Engineering Seminars, Symposia and Workshops


Investigate the means of developing and coordinating cooperation among member-organizations in the field of engineering, step up expertise and information exchange and unify engineering systems, standards and equipment in order to enhance the performance-levels of ASBU members.

Work towards ensuring national control of adequate audio visual technology and follow up technology-related developments throughout the Arab world.

Suggest ways and means of improving member-organizations’ management of their engineering departments.

Address issues relative to engineering training in accordance with the mechanisms at work at ASBU

Try to find adequate solutions, within ASBU, to any dispute likely to occur due to engineering-related problems in both radio and television areas.

Set up adequate engineering strategies to ensure broadcasting coverage of important sports, news and programmes events in coordination with concerned departments.

Propose engineering-related plans, studies and research work and supervise their implementation on the largest possible scale so as to extend their benefits to all ASBU members.

Propose topics for engineering seminars and ensure their adequate planning, preparation and follow up.

Develop cooperation relations with regional and international broadcasting unions in the engineering sector.

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Basic Activities

In the Area of the Radio and Television Transmission

Provide suitable coordinating mechanisms and supervise their follow up by member-organizations in all radio and TV frequency bands.

Study the modes of planning broadcasting and terrestrial services for the benefit of ASBU members mainly with regard to digital audio and video broadcasting.

Ensure adequate preparation for international conferences organized by the International Union of Telecommunication and seize such opportunities to coordinate Arab efforts and positions.

In the Area of Radio and TV Production and Operation

Address production and operation-related issues and suggest appropriate plans to promote members’ activities in this field.

Study network systems development

Study radio and TV archiving systems and provide member organizations with adequate suggestions and formulas

In the Area of Engineering Training

Identify ASBU members’ needs in this sector

Propose and evaluate annual training courses offered by the Arab radio and TV training centre.

Discuss the requirements of Distant Training

In the Area of Satellites and Exchanges

Follow up technical activities relative to news and programme exchanges via the ASBU leased capacities on ARABSAT.

Study possible alternatives to exchange via satellites and information-networks.

Follow up the implementation of ASBU TV exchange digitization via ARABSAT.

Investigate ways and means of developing and coordinating cooperation among ASBU-members in the area of satellite uses.

Follow up technical activites relative to ASBU Audio Exchange System.

Study the modes of planning satellite radio and TV services for the benefit of ASBU members

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Engineering Seminars, Symposia and Workshops

ASBU Organizes at least once a year an engineering seminar, symposium or workshop.

List of Engineering Seminars, Symposia and Workshops Organized through the period 1994-2013:

ASBU/HFCC/ABU Global High frequency coordination conference -Tunis (28/01-01/02/2013)

ASBU / EBU Week of Technology - Tunis (9-10/11/2012)

Seminar on "Social Media" - Tunis (05/11/2012) 

Seminar on "Content Production and Operation Using Information Technologies" -Tunis (10-11/10/2011)

Seminar on "Audiovisual Archiving" - Tunis  (29-30/10/2010)

 ASBU / EBU Week of Technology (09-11/03/2010)

Technical Symposium on "High Definition TV - HDTV" - Tunis  (29-30/10/2009)

ASBU/HFCC Conference (17-21/08/2009)

Seminar on "Mobile TV in the Arab Region" - Tunis  (29-30/4/2009)

ASBU/ITU Seminar on Multimedia Production and Delivery Services   (31/10- 1/11/2008)

ASBU Seminar on "The future of High Definition TV in the Arab Region and the World" (21-22 /11/2007)

ASBU/Seminar on "High Definition TV in the Arab Region" - Tunis  (18-19/11/2006)

Summit on "Radio & TV : Influent Actor in Information Society" - Tunis  (15-16/11/2005)

ITU/ASBU Workshop on Preparation for RRC 04/05 and Views Exchange on Issues Related to Terrestrial Digital Television (DVB-T) (22-23/11/2004)

EBU/ASBU Workshop on Preparation for RRC 04/05 and Views Exchange on Issues Related to Terrestrial Digital Television  (7-8/11/2003)

ASBU Symposium on "The Use of Information Technologies in Radio and TV Production" (17-19/10/2002)

ASBU Symposium on "Radio and Television Archiving"  (24-25/10/ 2001)

ASBU Workshop on "Digital Television Exchanges and Measurements of the Digital Signal" - Algiers (26-28/05/2001)

ASBU/EBU Workshop on "The Planning of Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting" -Tunis (24-26/04/2001)

ASBU/ITU Symposium on "Satellite Broadcasting and Convergence of New Multimedia Services" - Sousse (1-3/11/2000)

Symposium on "Radio and TV Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting" - Tunis (25-27/10/1999)

ASBU/HFCC High Frequency Coordination Conference - Tunis (08/1998)

Seminar on "Digital TV Production" - Tunis (6-8/10/1998)

Engineering workshop to prepare for the World Radio Conference WRC-97 - Tunis (1-2/10/1997)

Joint Engineering-Programming Seminar on "Impact of Modern Technology on Television" - Hammamet/Tunisia (25-27/10/1996)

Engineering Seminar on "Digital TV" - Tunis (6-8/10/1995)

Engineering-Programming Seminar on "Digital Audio Broadcasting" (8-10/11/1994)

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