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Legislative bodies

General Assembly

 This is ASBU’s supreme authority, whose prerogatives extend to all areas likely to help meet the Union’s objectives. It is made up of all active, participating and associate ASBU members and holds ordinary sessions once a year.
Executive Council
 The role of the Executive Council is to assume all the prerogatives befalling to the General Assembly in the period in between two ordinary G. A. Sessions and to initiate, accordingly, all necessary measures thereon, with the exception of those attributions and special concerns the General Assembly maintains under its own control.

The General Assembly mandates the Executive Council for two years, which can be renewed only once. It is composed as follows:

• 12 members, representing the active members and chosen in respect to alphabetical order, according to the rule of half renewal, in conformity with the terms defined by the General Assembly.

• One third of ASBU’s participating members, provided that number is between a minimum of two and a maximum of six, in conformity with the terms defined by the General Assembly.

 The Council’s membership for the period 2015 - 2016 includes the following:

1. Jordan
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Kuwait
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Sudan
6. Yemen
7. Bahrain
8. Lebanon
9. Algeria
10. Tunisia
11. Qatar
12. Mauritania
13. MBC
14. Lebanese Information Group (Al-Manar TV and En-Nour radio)

Council President and Vice-Presidents for the years 2015-2016:

 Mr Mohamed Abdulmohsen Al-Awash, Deputy head of commercial sector, Kuwait’s Ministry of Information, President.

  Mr. Rached Younes, General Manager, Tunisian Television , 1st Vice President.

 Mr. Mohamed Baraket Al-tarawnah, General Manager, Jordan's Radio and Television Corporation,  2nd Vice President.


The Executive Council meets at least twice a year to examine the ASBU Standing Committees' reports as well as the reports of other permanent bodies and what other item(s) is/are on its agenda.