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ASBU Missions

ASBU has managed to become the umbrella under which Arab Government-owned radio and TV channels can work together harmoniously. It also provides the appropriate framework within which issues of Arab audiovisual production are discussed. It occupies a central place within the joint Arab action that has made her one of the most effective specialized organizations of the League of Arab States.

Basic services consist mainly of organizing and coordinating the exchange of information, programs and sports coverage, technical assistance, covering major events from within and outside the Arab region, a bouquet of programs broadcast to the world and training staff from member corporations.

ASBU strives to facilitating exchanges among member broadcasters. This service has experienced over the years significant and rapid development, allowing Arab corporations today to share three daily exchanges, two weekly packages of sports programs, along with two other packages, one economic and one cultural.

The "Arab Unified Bouquet »  is one of the outstanding services ASBU provides to Arab satellite channels, allowing them to achieve technology, economic and strategic benefits while providing the best services to Arab viewers around the world. The “Bouquet” is one of the major successes of the joint Arab action in the field of radio and television, due to its significant practical, technical and economic benefits for the participating channels, as well as for Arab viewers in the different regions covered by the “Bouquet”  on a global scale, using the most popular satellites among Arab and Muslim communities in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, South America and Australia.

In addition, one of the important functions performed by ASBU is to negotiate on behalf of its member corporations the broadcasting rights of major international sporting events. Such events include summer and winter Olympics and various Asian football competitions. Thus, Arab channels are now able to broadcast these important events at a cost that would have been difficult to obtain, were they to negotiate individually.

ASBU also gives special attention to training of Arab radio and television professionals as part of its efforts to assist member organizations in developing their production. ASBU organizes training sessions for these professionals to enable them to monitor developments in their field of specialty worldwide. Sessions are organized by the Arab Centre for radio and television training, located in Damascus.