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High Committee for Arab Media Production

The High Committee for Arab Media Production (HCAMP) coordinates among major public and private, radio and TV channels, as well as Arab production and distribution companies. It studies issues related to Arab media production and establishes the appropriate strategies to improve it, both in quality and quantity. It is made up of three bodies:

  • Executive Council: it organizes regular activities and follows up on implementing projects by coordinating among interested parties. It prepares reports and documentation on production and distribution.
  • Forum: provides a space for debate and exchange of ideas among major players in the field (public, private channels, production and distribution companies). It explores best ways to enhance the quality of Arab media production and distribute it,
  • Market for production: organized in parallel with the Committee’s meetings and Forum, during which production and distribution companies exhibit their most recent products and TV programs. It also provides a space for contact among those companies and the heads of public and private channels to understand their expectation and try to meet them with the right popular programs among listeners and viewers.

The market takes the form of a seminar, comprising workshops during which production companies are allowed to promote their recent products in no more than 10 minutes per company.


The HCAMP missions include:

  • To define ways on how to establish complementarity and coordination between the public and private sectors in media production,
  • To adopt working mechanisms allowing the exchange of information and the three parties, such as issuing an annual guide for new production in various fields, contact information for various media,
  • To define ways on how to implement production projects among Arab radio and TV corporations, including Arab satellite channels and production companies,
  • To establish a data base for production proposal and to collect statistics on suggested fields production,
  • To study way on how to finance Arab media production projects presented to the Committee.


HCAMP membership includes the following:

  • Radio and TV corporations which are members of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU),
  • Arab private media production companies wishing to join the Committee,
  • Private Arab channels wishing to join the Committee,
  • Representative from the League of Arab States,
  • ASBU General Directorate,
  • Arab League Education, Science and Culture Organization.
  • Union of Arab TV Producers,
  • Heads of ASBU standing committees, as required by each meeting’s agenda,
  • Representatives of some organizations or experts in the production field, as required. Arab media cities,


The Committee’s chairmanship is composed of the following:

  • ASBU President: Chairman
  • Representative of  the Union of Arab TV Producers: Vice President for two years renewable once only
  • Representative of  the Arab satellite channels: Vice President elected by the High Committee for Coordination among Arab Satellite Channels for two years renewable once only


The Chairmanship presides over meetings and follows up on the implementation of its recommendations, coordinating with the two Vice Presidents and with the Committee’s Secretariat, The Committee acts within the framework and under the supervision of ASBU, which acts as its permanent secretariat.


HCAMP holds one annual regular meeting, just before the meeting of the Arab Standing Committee on Information in its session preceding the one held by the Council of Arab Information Ministers. It may holds an extraordinary meeting at the request of at least five of its members or of its Secretariat in consultation with the Chairman.


HCAMP holds its annual meeting in Cairo’s media city or in any other location in response to an invitation from one of its members.