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TV advertizing, ASBU 50th anniversary main focus of ASBU Review

« Advertising" on Arab TV channels and on internet represents the topic of the main section in the Arab Radio Review «Majallat al-Itha’at al-‘arabiya» (III-2018). It includes four articles and studies, in which a number of experts and academics assess advertising in its various aspects. Indeed, advertising has overcome radio and television programing in the Arab area, thus becoming the scale measuring the success or failure for any TV show.

The first article raises questions relating to the conceptual framework of television advertising, focusing on the reasons driving all kinds of advertizers to search media spaces, in addition to considering the impact of advertising on consumer behavior of the recipient.

The following article reviews the main findings of the study published by the European Observatory for the Audiovisual on the development of the advertising market on the internet in Europe in 2015 and 2016. This study analyzed the documented numbers of the growing phenomenon of advertising through digital media, compared to the advertising market on other traditional media.

Another article is devoted to TV and children's advertising, the creative conditions of advertising and the required principles in the field.

Finally, the section highlights a study featuring Morocco's experience in the field of advertising and tries to answer several issues, including whether the available legal mechanisms can allow to stimulate investment and protect consumers? To what extent professional and moral dimensions are present in this regard ?

In his editorial, ASBU Director-General, Eng. Abderrahim Suleiman reviews the ongoing preparations to celebrate ASBU’s fiftieth anniversary. He stressed the importance of the first General Assembly of Arab Radio and Television corporations on February 9, 1969 in the Sudan’s Capital City of Khartoum.The meeting laid the groundwork for this specialized professional organization, which, thanks to the efforts of its employees, succeeded in carrying out its media, civilization and technological mission in the best possible manner.

The Director General also spoke about the "new media" and its quick spread in the world today, with the resulting qualitative transformation in the fields of media and communication. He also pointed out the phenomenon cleareffects on classical media, including changing the way they work and produce content with new specifications. He also highlighted the ASBU determination to interact with the change through upgrading its communications system and creating an ad hoc « New Media Standing Committee ».

« Radio is gaining back its golden age », is the top news item in the permanent technological section, reviewing the transition to digital broadcasting. Experts expect radio to achieve major breakthroughs, thus allowing the majority of listeners to follow digital broadcasting, instead of the old FM frequencies.

Another article explains to the reader video assistance in VAR, which was officially adopted at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, drawing a map of its adoption nationally and internationally, and how the Arab region dealt with it. It also analyzes the status of sport in general and football in particular in the applications of modern technology, and the future relationship between technology and television in terms of football coverage, in light of the use of this technique.

The issue includes other topics that are at the core of ASBU concerns.