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ASBU Standing Committee on Radio holds 23rd meeting in Tunis

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) Standing Committee on Radio will hold its 23rd meeting at ASBU Headquarters in Tunis on October 29 - 31, 2018. Representatives of several ASBU corporations will take part in the annual meeting, which will cover several topics, including in particular:

Assessing radio exchanges among member corporations in 2018

Radio program contests for 2018

2018 Arab Summit and Pilgrimage season radio coverage

Radio Training

World Radio Day

Arab Radio and TV Festival

Media support to the Palestinian cause

ASBU Plan Action in the field of radio in 2019.

In addition to discussing the topics above, the meeting will include a one-day panel discussion on Radio Podcast, with panelists coming from several Arab and European countries.

It is to be noted that the standing committees represent key consultative structures helping ASBU achieve its work. They present their annual recommendations to the Executive Council and the General assembly. ASBU has seven standing committees covering Administrative and Financial affairs, technical affairs, TV programming, News, Radio, New Media and Sports.