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ASBU to assist AUB in setting up own Cloud Platform

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) have signed on October 15, 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The heads of the two sister unions, Eng. Abdelrahim Suleiman, ASBU Director General, and AUB Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Grégoire N'Djaka, signed the agreement at ASBU HQ in Tunis, following a working session by their respective delegations.

The MOU provides that “ASBU shall afford its resources to expedite the development, deployment and roll out of the UAR/AUB Cloud Platform, a broadcast content exchange network that enables the UAR/AUB. The two unions shall jointly work on setting out the reference activities and terms of engagement leading to accomplishing the goals of this partnership”.

Accordingly, “ASBU is to create the foundations of the UAR/AUB Cloud Platform. A platform for content production, delivery, storage, exchange, and distribution that can be shared between all the UAR/AUB member broadcasters and build capacity for future provision to affiliated knowledge base communities in its region of operation and beyond”.

ASBU shall initially “provide suitable hosting environment at its Point of presence ‘POP’ in London for UAR/AUB servers, conditioned and optimized network provision for the UAR/AUB platform Domain(s) from the ASBU London POP”, as well as Data Back Up, Security provision, Network, Application Virtualization Functions management.

Finally, ASBU shall also provide technical services to AUB members, including “giving AUB and AUB members access to the e-learning and classroom trainings free of charge or at preferential rates”.