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Steps to be taken by ASBU on how public service media can serve those with disabilities

Following ASBU GA Profession Discussion, held on December 12, 2017, the meeting  issued the following:


a)    The need to improve social inclusion of those with disabilities, to give them more fulfilling lives, and to make full use of their talents.
b)    The mandate of public service broadcasters to serve the whole national community.
c)    The UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to which many ASBU Member states are signatories,  which calls on broadcasters to implement policies that will lead to media access services.
1)    That steps should be taken to increase the availability of the media access service provided by ASBU Members.
2)    That a Task Force (“The Tunis Group”) should be established to prepare a first report on guidelines for access services for ASBU Members.  This report should include consideration of the following;
•    An appraisal of the currently available and achievable technical options for access services.
•    Consideration should be given to radio, television and internet services
•    The need and prospects for the training of the editorial staff who prepare the services
•    Methods of involving those with disabilities in the decisions taken about media access services. 
•    The need for public awareness campaigns of available services
•    Clarification of terminology
•    An appraisal of the financial load of providing media access services, and suggestions
about how funding could be found, privately and publically, both for programme  making and for helping those users to obtain the appropriate equipment.
•    An analysis of whether a common legal framework on media access services for ASBU states could be found. 
•    The potential scope for increasing the presence and skills of those with disabilities in content production and journalism.
•    Suggestions for further steps that could be taken by ASBU Members.
•    Related issues such as the provision of access services to allow meeting participation by those with disabilities may be considered.
3)    Members of the Task Force may include those who participated in the ASBU Professional Discussion 37 and other interested parties.
4)     A first report should be available by end on  June 2018