Nancy Ajram and Nassif Zeytoun stars of the Arab ‎Radio and Television Festival, October 19-22 /2021‎

 ‎ Nancy Ajram, Nassif Zeytoun, a variety of traditional arts from Jordan, Iraq, ‎Bahrain and Tunisia, in addition to a show featuring Chinese heritage are the most ‎prominent components of the musical content for the opening and closing ‎ceremonies of the Arab Radio and Television Festival in its twenty-first session to ‎be held on October 19 - 22, 2021, partly virtually and partly in physical presence. ‎The Festival is organized by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in the City of ‎Culture in the Tunisian capital, in cooperation with the Tunisian Radio and ‎Television corporations.‎

One of the features of this session is that it is associated with two important events ‎in ASBU's activities, namely the holding of the Arab Media Congress (AMC) and ‎the inauguration of the ASBU Hotel, which has just been completed.‎
ASBU is organizing the first session of the "Arab Media Congress", which brings ‎together the most prominent actors in the media business with all its print, audio, ‎television and electronic components, and to examine the most prominent issues and ‎challenges faced by such media. AMC will discuss several topics according to the ‎following program:‎
‎• Audiovisual media and technological challenges: a technical workshop to be held ‎remotely on October 11, 2021,‎
‎• Radio and TV production in the Arab region, drama as a model: a workshop ‎discussing content and meeting virtually on October 13, 2021.‎
‎• The plenary session, addressing the most prominent issues and challenges facing ‎the Arab media, is to meet in the City of Culture in Tunis on October 19, to study the ‎following themes: challenges of public media, due to the explosion of the number of ‎private channels and new media, the crisis of the written press, and training and ‎rehabilitation of human resources.‎
The organization of the Festival will also be associated with the inauguration of the ‎ASBU Hotel, a huge achievement whose construction began more than two years ‎ago, and which will help facilitate the achievement of most of the ASBU’s activities ‎by accommodating most of the visitors and participants in those activities, especially ‎that it is located just steps away from the ASBU headquarters.‎
Since the organization of this edition of the Festival comes at a time when the entire ‎world is suffering from the effects of the Corona pandemic, the Arab States ‎Broadcasting Union has worked to adapt to this difficult situation in an effort to ‎continue its activities while ensuring the safety and security of all participants and ‎attendees at the Festival. Therefore, the Festival will be organized for the first time ‎virtually, i.e. remotely for most of its activities, and in attendance for the two most ‎prominent Festival events, namely the opening evening and the closing show. ASBU ‎‎, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in Tunisia, has also prepared a detailed ‎health protocol that will be carefully implemented in all stages of the Festival and in ‎all premices where its activities will be held.‎
On the other hand, ASBU has unveiled the programs of the two most important ‎events, namely the opening and closing ceremonies. The opening evening will host ‎the well-known Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, along with two artistic mini-shows ‎from the Jordanian and the Iraqi heritage. The opening evening will also feature an ‎artistic performance of Chinese heritage, provided by a Chinese orchestra. In ‎addition to the artistic segments, a constellation of the brightest screenstars will be ‎honored in recognition of their extensive contributions in the professional and ‎artistic fields, as guests of honor of the festival.‎
The evening's show will be broadcast live, as well as the closing night, on Tunisian ‎television and a number of Arab satellite channels.‎
At the end of the Festival on October 22, will be organized a live artistic concert by ‎the great artist Nassif Zeytoun, along with two artistic mini-shows from the Bahraini ‎and the Tunisian heritage. The closing evening also includes events eagerly awaited ‎by the Festival participants, when the results of the various radio and television ‎program competitions organized by the Festival are announced.‎
One of the Festival goals is to contribute to the development of Arab radio and ‎television production and raise its level in a way that meets the aspirations of ‎member corporations and the principles for which they work, as well as monitoring ‎and encouraging innovative and serious trends in Arab radio and television ‎production in order to develop Arab creative energies in this field.‎
The Festival events mainly include the following:‎
TV competitions, including:‎
‎• The main competition, which is dedicated to television programs and news ‎produced by the ASBU's working and participating member corporations.‎
‎• As for the parallel competition, it is dedicated to programs and news produced by ‎private Arab television networks, production companies, Arab news agencies, in ‎addition to foreign Arabic-speaking satellite and radio channels.‎
‎• TV and Radio Programs Market: Within the Festival's activities, a television and ‎radio market for programs will be held, in which member corporations, private ‎television and radio networks, production companies, Arab news agencies and ‎foreign Arabic-speaking stations participate. An exhibition of modern radio and ‎television equipment is also being held within the market's activities in order to ‎introduce the latest developments and innovations both in the field of technological ‎development. These two events will be organized in person and virtually at the same ‎time, through a digital platform prepared by ASBU for the purpose. ‎
In organizing the virtual part of the festival and the Arab Media Conference, ASBU ‎relies on a platform that enables participants and visitors all over the world to visit ‎the exhibition of technological equipment and the market of radio and television ‎programs, thanks to the 3D technology, and to talk and interact directly with ‎exhibitors, in addition to organizing radio and television program competitions and ‎actively participating in workshops, seminars and remote meetings.‎
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