ASBU Hotel

The ASBU Hotel construction work has started in a strategic location close to ASBU headquarters in the Center Urbain Nord in Tunis, five minutes away from the Tunis Carthage Airport and downtown Tunis. The Hotel is located in the vicinity of many government offices, ministries, international and regional organizations, shopping centers, universities, El-Menzah Sports City, Tunis International Fair (SOGEFOIRES) and industrial parks in Charguia. The area has a large number of private clinics, headquarters of important companies, banks and insurance firms, etc. Located in the corner of a large road junction leading directly to ASBU headquarters, the 2356 m2 Hotel is only a few minutes from the most famous historical and tourist attractions in the city of Tunis, such as the Bardo Museum, the world-renowned suburb of SidiBou Said and the Carthaginian, Roman and Islamic monuments as well as a park,currently under construction.

The five star hotel is designed according to the urban organization schemes and the construction procedures of the area nearby the hotel. It has seven floors, a ground floor and 2 basement floors. The Hotel's covered area is 12192 m2 including 7463 m2 above the ground. It consists of:

8 suites and 128 rooms including 2 rooms for people with disabilities; The 7th floor includes 6 suites, a panoramic restaurant and a swimming pool. Each suite has a private swimming pool and is decorated differently.

In addition to the hotel's luxurious suites, the conference hall is the centerpiece of the hotel in terms of its capacity, its decor, its lighting, its soundproofing and its four halls. It can accommodate up to 500 people and can be used on different occasions other than conferences. A spa will be built next to the conference hall. The Hotel's ground floor has a modern reception hall with golden mosaics, a refreshment bar and a coffee shop overlooking the conference hall and the business center as well as a large restaurant for 200 people. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Hotel has 8 elevators.