TV programs

Program exchanges

ASBU implements an integrated system of television program exchanges among member corporations and endeavors to give effect to and upgrade the program exchange system so that it keeps pace with ASBU's achievements in the field of technological developments and technical systems.

The system includes a variety of programs that shed the spotlight on the wealth of cultural, civilizational and historical legacy of Arab countries.

  • The documentary" highlights the cultural, tourist and artistic strides made in the Arab region.
  • "In the Arab World" is a program that overviews the historical, architectural and tourist attractions in Arab countries.
  • The Cultural Evening: "Art and Culture" presents examples of Arab art and music.
  • "The TV Memory" presents cultural and artistic programs from the archives of Arab TV stations.
  • Art festivals and cultural events in the Arab world
  • Programs on religious events include the holy month of Ramadan, the Hajj season and the Holy Christmas.
17 Arab Corporations contribute to these exchanges through cultural, documentary and artistic content. Lien vers

Program Exchanges Competition :

Every year, ASBU organizes the program exchange competition in specific categories of television programs produced and exchanged by member corporations as determined by the TV Programs Standing Committee . Topics include history, culture, society, etc..

Programs ranked first and second are awarded financial prizes:


  • First prize: Three thousand (3000) USD
  • Second prize: Two thousand (2000) USD

Seminars on programs :

In order to step up production and program exchanges among ASBU member corporations, the Directorate-General organizes annual seminars on TV production trends and requirements on the occasion of the meeting of the television programs Standing Committee .

  • In 2017, The seminar on joint Arab TV production was held
  • In 2018 the seminar dealt with "Marketing TV programs:

Arab Radio and Television Festival

It is the largest media event organized every year in the Arab region and an occasion for creators, media professionals and stakeholders from both the Arab and international scenes to meet.

  • It aims to promote audiovisual production in the Arab region.
  • It is also an opportunity to honor Arab creators and media professionals who contribute to enriching the Arab media landscape.
  • The Festival enjoys extensive Arab and foreign media coverage, be it through the written press, e-media, or audiovisual media. Moreover, ASBU member corporations, production companies, satellite channels, Arab news agencies and Arabic-speaking foreign channels ensure extensive coverage of the proceedings of the Festival.
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