Covering major events in the Arab region

In accordance with its annual calendar of activitiesset by its specialized committees, ASBU ensures media coverage of major events on behalf of its member corporations.

Arab summits :

  • ASBU covers ordinary and extraordinary Arab summits, and ensure live collective and recorded broadcast of the Summit's meetings and events.
  • An engineering news team produces news roundups to keep abreast of the activities of the Arab summits in cooperation with the host corporation. The roundups are broadcasted through ASBU Vision to the benefit of member corporations and international professional partner unions.

Economic and social development summits :

ASBU covers the Arabeconomic and social development summits

  • hosted in turn by Arab countries.
  • ASBU provides live broadcast of the public sessions, the preparatory meetings and joint press conferences of the League of Arab States and the corporation hosting the Summit.
  • ASBU provides bilateral services for Arab and international private and public press crews covering the Summit.

The Hajj / Pilgrimage Season :

  • ASBU Covers the proceedings of the Hajjseason in cooperation and coordination with the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation.
  • ASBU coordinates the production of programs, documentaries and reports on preparations for the Hajj season to be broadcasted before the latter starts.
  • ASBU provides live broadcast of the key Hajj rituals.
  • ASBU produces daily news roundups that cover various organizational and religious aspects of the Hajj season.