ASBU Executive Council holds 105th meeting in Tunis
ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) is scheduled to hold remotely the 105th meeting of its Executive Council (September 14 – 15, 2021), under the chairmanship of ASBU President, Mr Abdul Mohsen Al-Awash. 
The Council will focus its proceedings on the following issues,
General Directorate report on its activities in between the Council’s meetings 104 and 105, in the fields of radio, TV, sports, Arab Radio and TV Festival, technical fields and Arab and international cooperation,
Reports by ASBU’s Arab Center for News and Program Exchanges, the Arab Center for Radio and TV Training and the ASBU Media Training Academy,
General Directorate report on the steps made so far in building the ASBU hotel,
The accompanying professional seminar to be held on the occasion under the topic