Final farewell to Mrs.Raffaella Rossetti

 It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce that Mrs. Raffaella Rossetti, previous responsible for  Euro-Arab co-productions at COPEAM, passed away on 20, August, 2021. 
She was a courageous and self-confident woman who never feared challenges, a delicate artist who believed strongly in art’s and media’s ability to bridge distances between cultures and especially between the Mediterranean shores. In this framework, Raffaella’s adventure with the TV co-production series “Inter-Rives” started.  She greatly contributed to its creation with the support of COPEAM and ASBU and the contribution of all those who worked on this project. Many Arab and European directors, men and women got involved in this Euro-Arab inspiring adventure.  

Raffaella accompanied this co-production and contributed to its development for years  until that little child started to walk confidently.
May God rest the soul of our sister and colleague Raffella Rossetti in peace and give her family and  beloved ones the strength and patience to bear this irreparable loss.