A new issue of the Arab Radio Magazine

 The Arab Radio Magazine continues its coverage of the epidemic crisis, Covid 19, ‎which is still sweeping throughout the world, and seeks to understand its impact on the ‎audiovisual media and the changes that result from it at various levels. The main ‎section of this issue, entitled: “Media in a Time of Crisis,” includes a number of studies ‎and research papers that tried to find out what the pandemic did to the media and the ‎strenuous efforts made by the latter’s professionals in the framework of carrying out ‎their message towards the listeners and viewers, while being keen to adapt it to ‎respond to the emerging situations and their special requirements. ‎

Section titles include: ‎
‎-‎ Media and the COVID-19 Crisis: Practice and Lessons.‎
‎-‎ ‎ The responsibility of the media in the crisis: informing and raising awareness
‎-‎ ‎ Media responsibility: providing news and raising awareness ‎
‎-‎ An approach to the meaning of freedom and independence of the media ‎
‎-‎ The limits of media freedom in times of crisis are a threat or a necessity? ‎
All this culminates in a presentation of regional and international experiences on how ‎the media dealt with the epidemic disaster that destabilized the entire world and ‎paralyzed the movement in the economic, social, cultural and educational fields. ‎
The editorial, signed by the Director General of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, is ‎dedicated to “the radio and the factors that will renew it today”. Engineer Abderrahim ‎Suleiman stated that this mass medium, to the contrary of what many expected, did not ‎disappear and did not disappear in the Arab and international media and ‎communication landscape, but rather it was able to adapt both on the technical and ‎programming levels. It thus maintained its position and functions and saved an ‎important aspect of its peculiarities. ‎
Among the other topics that you read about in the magazine: ‎
Developments in communication technologies: coverage included artificial ‎intelligence, which became part of the technology and media industry, especially ‎improving the workflow of radio and television broadcasting programs.‎
The feasibility of separating broadcasting from production in the television sector at ‎the Arab level.‎
The journalist and the law: the definition of the journalist in national laws of the Arab ‎countries, and in international laws, as well as his rights and duties and the ‎protection of legislation for him.‎
The ethics of audiovisual media: between the problematic of practice and the ‎consolidation of charters. ‎
Legal deposit to preserve the radio and television archives.‎
The ASBU Media Training Academy: The first lessons of the remote training ‎mechanism. ‎
The two annual meetings of news and new media coordinators coordinators. ‎
The "Arab Creators" section introduces the life and career of the late director Hatem Ali: the ‎star that never fades.‎