ASBU Media Training Academy seeks to build the skills of Arab media professionals in the radio and television fields

ASBU attaches great importance to the training and reskilling of the human resources of its member corporations in all fields. This interest has been evident since the early 1980s, when the Arab Center for Radio and Television Training was established in Damascus.

In view of the exceptional circumstances in the Arab region, ASBU established the Media Training Academy in its headquarters in Tunis in April 2017, and dedicated for this purposea full floor with modern venues fully fitted with leading edge equipment, including:

  • A HDTV Studio
  • An IP radio studio
  • A multimedia editing room fitted with a digital computer network
  • A multi-disciplinary training room
  • Complementary offices and venues such as simultaneous interpretation booths and rooms for audio recording and editing.

ASBU seeks to ensure that the Academy keeps abreast of the fast-paced changes in the Arab and international media scene, especially with regard to the stakes related to the New Media and social media networks as well as of the changing viewing and listening patterns.