Union structures

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) is a long-established Arab professional organization founded in February 1969 in Khartoum, with the aim of "strengthening the ties and cooperation among Arab audiovisual corporations and developing their production in terms of form and content”.

As such, it is well placed to acquire TV broadcasting rights for sports events at affordable rates, terms and conditions. ASBU has been striving to acquire these rights and ensure coverage of a number of sports tournaments and events on behalf of its interested member corporations. ASBU membership includes active members, participating members and associate members.

On an international level, ASBU enjoys a unique position among regional and international organizations with which it maintains strong professional relations. It is an active member of the World Broadcasting Union (WBU), and participates in many of the events it organizes.

    ASBU Mandate

ASBU provides a space where all Arab public radio and television corporations and a number of private channels work together to achieve common goals. It also provides an appropriate framework to discuss issues of relevance to Arab audiovisual production and is among the pillars of joint Arab action as one of the most efficient specialized organizations of the League of Arab States.

ASBU provides important services to its member and partner organizations, including technical and consulting services, television and radio news, program and sports exchanges, coverage of major events in the Arab region and beyond, and radio and television training.

Legislative bodies:

General Assembly

It is ASBUS's supreme body and has all powers to achieve the organization’s objectives. It consists of all active, associate and affiliate members and holds its ordinary sessions once every year.

Executive Council

ASBUS’s Executive Council assumes all the General Assembly’s powers in between the two ordinary sessions and takes the necessary decisions in this regard, except for the acts and special fields which belong exclusively to the General Assembly’s competence . The ASBU General Assembly designs the Executive Council for a period of two years, renewable only once, as follows:

  • 12 members representing the active members to be chosen in alphabetical order according to the mid-term renewal rule and taking into account the conditions established by the General Assembly at its twenty-ninth session.
  • one-third of ASBU participating members, a minimum of two and a maximum of six, in accordance with the conditions established by the General Assembly at its twenty-ninth session.

Composition of ASBU Executive Council for 2022-2023:

Active Members:
  • Jordan
  • Bahrain
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • UAE
  • Iraq
  • Sudan
Associate members :
  • Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC)

ASBU President and Vice-Presidents for the 2022-2023 term :

  • Mr. Mohammad Bin Fahd Al-Harithi, CEO of Saudi Broadcasting Authority, President
  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen Al Awash, Former ASBU President, First Vice-President
  • Mr. Hussein Zain,President of the Egyptian National Media Corporation, Second Vice-President.

The Executive Council meets at least twice a year to review the reports of the ASBU Standing Committees and Bodies as well as any other items on its agenda.

Executive Office for Emergency Affairs :

In light of the rapid changes in the audiovisual sector, especially as regards the acquisition of the rights of sports events, the ASBU Executive Office for Emergency Affairs deliberates on appropriate solutions to any emergency issues that may arise and takes appropriate decisions thereon during the period between the meetings of the Executive Council. ASBU General Assembly designates six members for a two-year term to form the Executive Office for Emergency Affairs:

  • ASBU President/ Chairperson
  • ASBU First Vice-President/ Member
  • ASBU Second Vice-President/ Member
  • An active member from among the members of the Executive Council / Member
  • An associate member from among the two associate members of the Executive Council / member
  • The Director General/ Member

The Executive Office for Emergency Affairs meets at the invitation of its President on request from the Director-General. All decisions and measures taken by the EOEA are submitted to the Executive Council for approval.

Composition of the Executive Office for Emergency Affairs for the 2022-2023 term

  • Mr. Mohammad Bin Fahd Al-Harithi, ASBU President
  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen Awash, Member
  • Mr. Hussein Zain,Head of the Egyptian National Media Corporation, Member
  • Mr Khaled Abdullah Doosary, Assistant Undersecretary of the ministry of Information Affairs, Barhrain Radio and Television, Member
  • Mrs. Awatef Dali, President Director of Tunisian National Television, Member
  • Mr. Chaabane Lounakel, Director General of Algerian Public Television, Member
  • Eng. Abdel Rahim Suleiman, ASBU Director General, Member

Advisory Bodies

Standing Committees

ASBU Standing Committees are among the key advisory bodies that help ASBU achieve the objectives set out in its founding charter. The committees submit their annual recommendations to the Executive Council and the General Assembly for approval.

  • Standing Committee for Administrative, Financial and Legal Affairs
  • Technical Standing Committee
  • TV Programs Standing Committee
  • News Standing Committee
  • Radio Standing Committee
  • Sports Standing Committee
  • New Media Standing Committee

Sub-committees and working groups emanate from the Standing Committees. All standing committees meet once a year except for the Standing Committee for Administrative, Financial and Legal Affairs, which meets twice a year.

Permanent Bodies

ASBU's executive body consists of the following permanent bodies:

  • Directorate-General, based in Tunis
  • The Arab Center for Exchange of News and Programs, based in Algiers
  • The Arab Center for Radio and Television Training, based in Damascus

Active Members

This membership shall be limited to the Arab States radio and TV corporations that are designated by their respective States as ASBU members.