Organizing  the Arab Media Congress 2nd Edition
Arab Media Congress 2nd Edition (AMC)
"Visionary approach to Global Digital Supremacy"

After the success of the first edition of the Arab Media Congress, held in October 2021, the Arab States Broadcasting Union is moving forward in establishing this Arab media event as an annual tradition, during which it tackles the most important issues in the field of media and communication and hosts the most prominent Arab and international elite.
The Arab Media Congress will hold hence its second session, at Royal ASBU Hotel in Tunis on January 13-14, 2023, and will deal with the theme of "Visionary approach to Global Digital Supremacy"
This issue is considered as one of the most controversial issues nowadays, which raises many challenges not only for the Arab world but also for many other regions of the world.
The main subject of the Congress is divided into four topics. The first topic has to do with the challenges facing the Arab world in the cultural, social and media fields as well as the field of personal data protection and cybersecurity.
The second one focuses on Arab efforts in facing Global Digital Supremacy, relating ASBU experience first, and other various Arab experiences, namely the Iraqi, Egyptian and Lebanese ones.
The third topic paves the way to get acquainted with global experiences and Global Digital Tech Companies’ inputs. Finally, the Congress ends with proposing Action Plan and Strategy for the Arab Region to face technological and legislative challenges.
All these topics are discussed in the presence of a number of well-known personalities and experts in the media field.
It is worth noting that the declaration and recommendations will be sent to the Arab Information Ministers Council, who will, after approval, submit them as recommendations to the next Arab Summit.
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