Call for applications for PRIMED 2021
The festival of Mediterranean images, a showcase for the finest current affairs and documentary films about the Mediterranean, PriMed 2021, has been launched. Its promises will be fulfilled later in the year in Marseille, France. Registration is now open and free of charge until April 15, 2021.
It is to be noted that the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and several of its members are active participants in the annual event. ASBU has been an official partner since 2012. It provides one of the contest’s prizes and designates an Arab TV professional to be member of the jury.
The PriMed, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary film and reportage, is an international competition that takes place every year. It is designed for audiovisual productions in the specific area of documentary films, current affairs and investigative films dealing with issues of cultural Mediterranean area from the Atlantic coast to the shores of the Black Sea.
The PriMed aims to promote and reward programs which quality and creativity, both in content and in art format, are unique. This event is open to all television organizations (public or private), production structures (public, private or associations), writers, directors, journalists and documentary filmmakers who, through their works and their programs, want to participate into a better understanding of the Mediterranean history, cultures and traditions.
This Prize is also an opportunity for an annual meetings among audiovisual professionals and it contributes to developing dialogue and cooperation among all countries of the Mediterranean.
The documentaries presented must not contain any form of advertising or propaganda. Each work can only be entered for one category, and the choice must be clearly indicated in the registration form.
Registration for the PriMed is free