Impressive line up of activities to be held by ASBU

 The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) will be living through the upcoming days and weeks a hectic period of activies and remote meetings, which will lead up to holding ASBU's two prime organs, namely the Executive Council 104th meeting and the General Assembly early 2021. The meeting series will kick off with holding a number of virtual gatherings, to be followed by various other meetings as follows : 

News workshop on «Media crisis coverage – the case of Coronavirus», Sept. 8, 2020
13th Meeting of  the News Standing Committee, Sept. 9,
4th Meeting of  the New Media Committee, Sept. 10,
Program workshop on «health awareness about the Corona pandemic in TV programs: impact and efficiency», Sept. 15
13th  Meeting of the TV Program Standing Committee, Sept. 16
25th Meeting of the Radio Standing Committee, Sept.  29
Radio workshop on «Role of radio in crisis management (Covid 19), Sept. 30,
21st Meeting of the Sports Standing Committee, Oct. 2,
“Week of Technology” with EBU, October 2-4
56th Technical standing committee meeting, October 5,
79th meeting of the Standing Committee for Administrative, Financial and Legal Affairs, 
It is to be noted that the standing committees represent key consultative structures helping ASBU achieve its work. They present their annual recommendations to the Executive Council and the General assembly. ASBU has seven standing committees covering Administrative and Financial affairs, technical affairs, TV programming, News, Radio, Sports and the recently created Committee on New Media.