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The lead section of the new «Majallat al-Itha’at al-‘arabiya» (Arab Radio Review) (I-2020)is dedicated to the topic ” Public Service Broadcasting Organizing and its role in serving public interest”.
It includes a number of presentations by several experts and officials from international broadcasting unions, as well as, UNESCO, while drawing on some Arab experiences in organizing the public media.
The section titles include:
- From governmental to public media: the Sudanese experience
-The independence of Public Service Broadcasting in a democratic landscape: concept and mechanisms.
- The importance of regulation in Public Service Broadcasting
- Towards building Public Service Broadcasting on the basis of sound governance.
- Funding issues in Public Service Broadcasting.
- The importance of regulation in Public  Service Broadcasting
(Between Self-regulation and the role of regulatory bodies).
-Public Service Broadcasting: new roles and other governance
This Review includes an article on TV media facing Covid-19: What coverage? What virus?
During the last month of 2019, the world  woke up on the news of the Covid-19spreadingin Wuhan, and leaving behind thousands of injuries and deaths.  Unfortunately, it was soon realized that this new virus has no specific vaccine or decisive cure at the present time.
In fact, it has spread all over the world, transforming the largest and most bustling tourist cities across the globe into ghost cities, obliging officials to intervene and propose preventive measures to face the deadly disease, and imposing on large media mobilization to  raise awareness of the dangers of coronavirus during the pandemic.
So to what extent have Arab television media been involved in this endeavor? Did they adjust their efforts according to the crisis requirements? Did they really manage to explain the new virus and raise awareness of its dangers?
The section of «developments in communication technologies" tackles the issue of the most important developments in the field of manufacturing technical equipment for the audiovisual sector, among them one can mention smart TV screens and the launch of the 8K cameras, which represent a new challenge for camera developers ...
The current issue devotes several pages in which engineer, Abdelrahim Suleiman, presented his gratefulness and recognition, in his name and on behalf of the ASBU family, to Mr. Slaheddine Maaoui, ASBU former Director General, who passed away in December 2019.
It also publishes a summary of the gathering, which was held in memory to his soul in ASBU headquarters, and included addresses bymany of his friends and Arab and international media leaders with whom he had professional relations.