Radio Contests

ASBU regularly organizes a radio program exchange contest.

This approach culminates within the Arab Radio and Television Festival, which devotes part of the schedule in each session to official and parallel radio contests, with the participation of Arab public and private stations. Since 2015 the festival has recorded the participation of Arabic-speaking international Radio stations from Canada,China , Russia and Europe. In these contests, valuable recognition and financial prizes are awarded to motivate candidates for achieving higher quality and innovative products.

Arab Radio Song and Musical Composition Contest:

It should be noted that since 2001, ASBU held (11) eleven editions of the "Arab Radio Song and Musical Composition Contest" in various radio stations in the Arab countries, with a view to enrich the Arab library with good quality songs and musical compositions.

Arab Music and Singing Contest:

The artistic event has taken a new form starting in 2019, by changing its name to "Arab Music and Singing Contest". The winners shall be announced and the winning song and music will be presented on the occasion of the Arab Radio and Television Festival. Significant financial awards of $ 24,000 have been allocated for the purpose.

Annual Contests for Exchange Programs:

As part of ASBU motivation policy, a program exchanges contest with valuable awards is held yearly within the Arab Radio and Television Festival, which gives it a better visibility.