Radio Exchanges

Thanks to ASBU General Directorate and Exchange Center’s efforts , the flow of, both news and programs radio exchanges witnessed an increasing evolution in terms of quantity and quality, to the benefit of Arab Radio Corporations. This would help enhance ties between Peoples and favor comprehensive development, in the Arab world...

From November 2017 to October 2018 2952 Hours 14 Minutes
Daily Average 8H 05 Participation of 15 Corporations 35 program categories, of which 10 news programs The most prominent Category: Cultural programs 18.90%

A new concept of radio exchange distinguishing between programs and news products has been launched to ensure conveying a vivid picture of the situation throughout the Arab world.

The volume of news, programs exchange has reached 280 hours, while the radio program exchange has also witnessed a steady growth of up to ten hours a day. In these two categories, the Palestinian cause is at the forefront. Besides, ASBU provides other international exchanges allowing the wide spread of Palestinian and Arab news. ASBU also plays a crucial role in organizing the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and Supporting the Resilience of Jerusalem on November 29th each year.