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Arab High Definition TV and Beyond Group loses Vice-President

The Arab High Definition TV and Beyond Group has just lost one of its most prominent members and Vice-Chairman, engineer Jean Pierre Lacotte, who deceased in Paris recently.

Engineer Jean Pierre Lacotte is a French national, but he is also a very close friend of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and one of its most prominent partners, providing the Union with numerous great services. He had been chosen as vice chairman of the Arab High Definition TV and Beyond Group since 2011.

 New Press Release (08/01/2013) : The Arab HDTV Group Extends its Membership and Scope

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 Survey on HDTV Services Introduction in the Arab Region
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New Press Release(08/01/2013): The Arab HDTV Group Extends its Membership and Scope

Tunis 08/01/2013, During its last meeting held in Dubai on 13 November 2012, the Arab High Definition Television HDTV Group has decided to cancel any membership fees, therefore making joining the group free of charge for any member.  The Group has also decided to extend its membership to include Telecom companies and Television programmes related Software developers in the Arab Region. Until then, eligible members were:  Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) members, other Terrestrial and Satellite TV Channels and Networks in the Arab Region, International HDTV Channels (as observers), World Broadcasting Unions, Satellite operators, HDTV Equipment Manufacturers and System integrators.

 To join the Group membership, interested organizations and companies shall fill in the membership form and send it back to the Group Secretariat at ASBU e-mail: a.suleiman@asbu.intl.tn .  Upon acceptance the candidate will receive a welcoming letter from the Arab HDTV Group president.

The decision to extend Group membership was reached after the group agreed to broaden the Group area of interests to include Connected TV /Hybrid TV Technology, which is gaining momentum throughout the world and provide TV viewers enhanced experience and participation.

In this context Dr. Riyadh Kamal Najm, Deputy Minister for Information Affairs at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and Information and the Arab HDTV Group President, emphasized the importance of enlarging the Group membership and broadening its area of interests to synchronize efforts and strategies and provide ground for stakeholders of the region (TV organizations, equipment manufacturers and services providers companies, etc.) to discuss and help develop Enhanced Television services throughout the region.

By joining the Group companies will have the opportunity to meet the decisions makers of Arab  TV broadcasting organizations, hear about their strategies and future projects and promote their relevant products and services through meetings and seminars organized by the group.

During  the last few years the group has made serious efforts in assisting Arab Broadcasters devising strategies to introduce HDTV services, discussing HDTV technical matters, presenting case studies, publishing reports and recommendations, as well as promoting HDTV services to viewers in the region.

The Arab HDTV Group was established at the end of year 2007 upon a decision by ASBU General Assembly to assist its members in technical, financial and coordination issues related to promoting high definition television services in the region. It is an independent Group having its own by-laws and its membership is open to all entities interested in promoting HDTV (and now Hybrid TV) services in the Arab region.


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Group Bylaws 

1. Group Working Procedures

The Group will mainly conduct its business by e-mail and it will hold one annual meeting. The date and place of the meeting will be decided by the Group Chair and its Secretariat.

2. Group Secretariat
ASBU will take care of the Group Secretariat.

3. Group Membership

- ASBU members
- Other TV Channels and Networks in the Arab Region
- Telecom Companies from the region
- Television programmes oriented software development companies from the region
- International HDTV Channels from outside the Region (as observers)
- World Broadcasting Unions
- HDTV Transmission Equipment Manufacturers
- HDTV Production Equipment Manufacturers
- HDTV Receiver Manufacturers
- Satellite operators from the region
- Related International and Regional Organizations.

Each member will be asked to nominate one or two representatives to follow the Group activities and participate in its meetings. The Group Secretariat (ASBU) should be notified by the coordinates (e-mail, phone, address) of each member representative(s).

4. Registered Member
The TV channel or Network, Organization, or company that expresses its interest to be a member, should nominate its representative(s) and provide his/her/their coordinate(s) to the Group Secretariat.

5. Level of Membership
All the members (except observers) have the same level of rights and obligations including voting.

6. Chairmanship
The Group will elect from its members one Chair and two Vice-Chairs for a three year term renewable.

7. Working Language
As the Group membership is open to international members, the working language is English. The Group will issue, as well, its output documents in Arabic.

8. Income and Membership Fees
The Group membership is free. The Group may invite sponsors to support certain Group activities..

9. Recommendations
The Group Members are advised to apply all recommendations issued by the Group when implementing HDTV in the Arab Region. Manufacturers who are members of the Group shall not promote opposing recommendations to the Group members.
10. Voting Power
The Group recommendations are to be passed by consensus. If there is no consensus, the recommendation is valid if a two-third majority supports it. Each member has one vote. If an issue requires approval, the members shall send their response within two weeks from the date issuing the request. No answer within that period is considered as consent.

11. Meeting Quorum
The Group meeting shall be valid if more than half of the registered members are present.

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Group Bureau

- Engineer Ibrahim Al Rowaitie, Vice President of Engineering Affairs at Saudi Broadcasting Corporation - Group Chairman

- Engineer Hasan Sayed Hasan, CEO of Master Media - Abu Dhabi - First Vice Chairman

- Mr. Jean Pierre Lacotte, President of France HDTV Forum - Second Vice Chairman

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Membership Registration for the Arab HDTV Group

To join membership of the Arab HDTV Group, please fill in the following form:

               • Registration Form 


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Survey on HDTV Services Introduction in the Arab Region

ASBU is conducting a survey about introducing HDTV services in the Arab region, you are kindely invited to fill in the following survey (available in arabic only):  

             - HDTV Survey 2009 

             - HDTV Survey 2009      

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Arab HDTV Group Previous Meetings and Seminars

 Arab HDTV Group 7th Meeting, Dubai 12/11/2014

           - Group Meeting Report (in Arabic)

 Arab HDTV Group 6th Meeting, Dubai 11/03/2013

          - Group Meeting Report (in Arabic)


 Arab HDTV Group 5th Meeting, Dubai 13/11/2012

          - Group Meeting Report (in Arabic)

 Arab HDTV Group 4th Meeting, Dubai 11/02/2011

          - Group Meeting Report (in Arabic)

 Arab HDTV Group 3rd Meeting, Tunis 31/11/2009

          - Group Meeting Report (in Arabic)


Arab HDTV Group 2nd Meeting, Tunis 01-02/11/2008

          - Group Meeting Report

 Arab HDTV Group Founding Meeting, Tunis 21-22/11/2007

          - Group Meeting Report

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Group Publication

High Definition Television  Booklet - January 2010

Following the group recommendation relative to identifying HDTV issues and the Arab HDTV Group objectives and role in the Arab world, the Group has issued in January 2010 a Booklet on HDTV.

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