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In the field of developing Arab TV news production and promoting its exchange among member corporations, ASBU seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. The primary objective of the activity is to promote the exchange of news coverage among Arab television corporations on a regular and daily basis. Guidelines and procedures are produced to guide the process, define its terms and encourage participation in it. To achieve this objective, ASBU has developed and deployed a dedicated system known as the Multimedia Exchange Network over Satellite (ASBU-MENOS)

2. Prepare necessary planning for news exchange among Arab television corporations, determine the mechanism of such an exchange and seek to develop it on an ongoing basis through the new exchange system.

3. Discuss ways of coordination, cooperation and service exchanges in the field of news and discuss ways to develop work in the news departments to respond to developments in the Arab media landscape.

4. Discuss ways to share news with global broadcasting unions and discuss how to deal with news agencies and global networks, as well as determine the mechanism of this exchange.

5. Cover major events occurring outside the Arab region according to specific and accurate mechanisms and provide support services to member corporations on the spot.

6. Keep up with modern technology developments and meet the challenges they generate to the benefit of the news exchange flow throughout the day while maintaining its timeliness and exchange speed.

7. Collect, follow-up on and disseminate information for news stories presented through the ASBU-MENOS system and prepare daily news packages of news, economic, sports and cultural coverage.

8. Manage daily and periodic exchange operations of Arab news items and organize daily audio press conferences among the member corporations.

9. Follow-up and coordinate the coverage of occurring and special occasion events, as well as collect Arab news and disseminate it worldwide.

10.  Manage the central storage of materials offered to exchange, organize it through the use of MENOS system NOC.

11. Propose training plans on news production, in response to member corporations' wishes and evaluate their implementation in accordance with the development of the new exchange system.

12. Conduct research, studies and seminars on TV news services.

13. Organize practical workshops to upgrade qualifications of professionals in the field of news and news exchange in line with technological development.