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Consultative bodies

  Permanent Committees

  The Permanent committees count among the most important consultative bodies through which the Union seeks to achieve the objectives set forth in its constitutive convention. These committees’ annual recommendations are submitted to both the Executive Council and the General Assembly for consideration and approval

  Following hereafter are the six Standing Committees

    The permanent Committee for Administrative, Financial and Legal Affairs

    The Permanent Committee for Engineering Affairs

     The Programming Permanent Committee

     The News Permanent Committee

    The Radio Permanent Committee

    The Sport permanent Committe

  There emanates from the Permanent Committees a number of sub-committees and working groups which are as follows:

    Sub-committees and working-groups pertaining to the Engineering Committee.
    Sub-committees pertaining to the Television Permanent Committee.
    Sub-committees pertaining to the Radio Permanent Committee.

  All permanent committees meet once a year, except for the Administrative, Financial and Legal Committee which meets twice a year.


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