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Covering Arab and world major events

For several years now, the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) has been covering major Arab events to the benefit of its member corporations and other beneficiaries. Such events mostly included Arab summit meetings, the Arab economic summit and some other happenings.
ASBU radio and TV teams ensure comprehensive coverage of the meetings and conduct interviews to the benefit of member corporations and other users. ASBU also provides technical and logistics assistance to Arab coverage teams, including an international broadcasting center (IBC), booking, transmission and other media services.
ASBU’s Executive Council adopted during its 82nd meeting in December 2009 “the mechanism presented by the News Standing Committee on covering major Arab and international, both scheduled for and unexpected. It consists of  sending a technical and media team from ASBU to provide onsite logistics to member corporations and cover the event, focusing on the Arab participation.”
ASBU started in 2010 implementing the recommendation by covering some major world events, including the G8 Summit in Vancouver, Canada and the regular session of the U.N. General Assembly annual meetings during the month of September. The experience has met important success with member corporations, in addition to allowing ASBU to establish new cooperation relationships with a number of U.N. and international media bodies