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High Committee for Coordination among Satellite

The High Committee for Coordination among Arab Satellite Channels (HCCASC) coordinates between Government-owned and private channels using satellite for broadcasting, as well as with other related Arab organizations. It assumes two key missions:

A coordinating mission among satellite channels’ activities,

The organization of a professional forum, called “Forum for Arab Satellite Broadcasting”.


Its tasks include setting up a comprehensive coordination strategy among satellite channels, coordinating legislation on satellite broadcasting, producing an annual report on the activity in the Arab region and helping out on to establish an effective external outreach policy that facilitates dialogue among cultures.


The Committee’s membership includes:

  • Heads of TV corporations, which are members of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)
  • Heads of Private Arab channels wishing to join the Committee,
  • Representative from the League of Arab States,
  • ASBU General Directorate,
  • Arab satellite operators,
  • Arab media cities,
  • Arab Organization for Communication Technologies,
  • Arab League Education, Science and Culture Organization.


HCCASC’s President and first vice president are chosen for two years among representatives of member broadcaster while the second vice president represents satellite operators and Arab media cities. ASBU ensures the Committee’s technical Secretariat, organizing its meeting and producing the reports it requests. HCCASC holds one annual meeting.


Incentives to attract new members


  • To benefit from services provided by MENOS-ASBU, the Multimedia Exchange Network Over Satellite, covering all the Arab region,
  • To join the Arab Unified Bouquet, allowing major savings on broadcasting to major world regions through satellites,
  • To benefit from broadcasting rights for sporting world events acquired by ASBU,
  • Preferential rates for using ASBU channels on ARABSAT,
  • Other incentives provided by satellite operators,
  • Training services provided by ASBU’s dedicated center.