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Countdown for ASBU Executive Council, General Assembly

ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) is going through a hectic period of preparations that started a few weeks ago with the annual meetings of its permanent committees and that will culminate with the holding of ASBU two key legislative bodies, namely the Executive Council (Dec. 8-9) and the General Assembly (Dec. 10-12).

Expected events are not limited to the two legislative bodies, but will also include:

- 75th meeting of the Standing Committee on Administrative, financial and Legal Affairs (Dec. 5-7),
- 100th meeting of the Executive Council (Dec.8-9),
- 38th meeting of the General Assembly (Dec.10-12),
- Professional debate (Dec. 12),
- AIBD/ABU/ASBU Cooperation Meeting (Dec. 11),
- CoPeAm/EBU/ASBU Cooperation Meeting (Dec. 12).

The General Assembly’s agenda is to cover several topics, including the following:

• Election of the Executive Council members, ASBU President and two Vice-Presidents for the two years 2019-2020
• Composition of the Executive Council for Emergency Affairs for 2019-2020
• Report by the Director General on ASBU’s activities during 2018,
• Reports by the Executive Council and the various ASBU standing committees,
• Membership matters,
• Candidacies for the post of ASBU Director General.
• Professional debate on: « New media chanllenges, the force of impact and change ».