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ASBU Review focuses on satellite broadcasting, ASBU activities

Here is the new issue of the Arab Radio Review «Majallat al-Itha’at al-‘arabiya» (II-201è), published just after the ASBU General Assembly (37) and Executive Council(98) meetings.

As mentioned by Eng. Abdel Rahim Suleiman in his editorial, the annual gathering in which members reviewed ASBU's activities throughout 2017 and examined its future strategy took place in the same period of the US declaration on Jerusalem as Israel's capital and its decision to move its embassy to the City.

ASBU Expressed strong disapproval of this unjust decision and called on its members and Arab and international media institutions to condemn it vigorously, as well as to respond firmly to its grave consequences on stability and security in the Arab region and beyond.
In addition, ASBU called on Arab corporations to organize a unified Arab media day on Jerusalem.

Whitin this framework, we can read an article on "Jerusalem in the "Arab" media discourse." It addresses some questions regarding this topic such as:

Can we talk about Jerusalem recognition as Israel's capital without approaching its judaisation ? Can we speak about judaisation of Jerusalem outside the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? For what aim Israel works at emptying this conflict of its political substance? What are the shortcomings of the Arab media discourse about Jerusalem ?

The Review also attaches great importance to the broadcast rights issue. In fact, significant progress was made on these rights after the adoption of ASBU proposals in this regard by the Arab Information Ministers' Council.

These proposals focused mainly on the protection of Arab viewers right to access major sports events and championships and on the promulgation of national and Arab legislations guaranteeing it.

There are further articles in the magazine among which one on "ASBU and co-production", underlining the importance of this issue for ASBU and its members.

Developments in the Arab satellite broadcasting landscape have also been at the heart of some articles regarding the changes of the satellite broadcasting landscape due to the degradation of Arab channels' offers and the invasive international media.

Topics covered in this issue are:

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Updates on satellite channels....Entertainment first.
medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif News and political programs crisis in the Arab satellite channels
medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Arab media production and the focus on drama

Moreover, the magazine presents an analysis of the Arab Satellite Broadcasting annual report (2016)

Finally, it is worth noting that a tribute was paid to Mr. Abdallah Chakroun, ASBU second Secretary General, a forward-looking manager and a person with high human qualities. He performed efficiently his duties and developed ASBU's activities and working mechanisms in a critical moment of ASBU's life when its headquarters were moveded from Egypt to Tunisia.