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Jerusalem, capital of Arab media 2017, highlighted in new issue of ASBU Review

Here is the new issue of the ASBU Review, , «Majallat al-Itha’at al-‘arabiya» (III-2017), which devotes its main section to "Jerusalem in the Arab Radio and Television Drama Productions", as a contribution from ASBU to celebrating the Holy City as the capital of Arab media 2017.


The section reviews the proceedings of the symposium held during the 18th session of the Arab Radio and television Festival. Several presentations were then made. Eng. Abdel Rahim Suleiman, ASBU Director General introduced the section with an editorial on "Jerusalem, permanently in our Arab conscience", in which he reviewed the ASBU media action plan to celebrate the event, and the use of NTIC  for its implementation.


After mentioning the media cooperation which was expanded between ASBU and the Palestinian Radio and Television Authority and its promising horizons, he reviewed efforts by authors, screenwriters, artists and directors in their creative engagement with Jerusalem, which produced a variety of high standard dramatic works. He wrote that despite our mastering of the modern reporting techniques and the availability of competent staff, the creative arena is still looking for more innovation, addition and search for new, efficient approachs.


The Director-General stressed the need of opening up to the human component in drama productions devoted to Jerusalem, by getting closer to residing Palestinians and portraying their day-to-day reality, conveying their suffering in their daily lives and their major sacrifices in order to survive and prove their presence on their land.


In doing so, the drama production becomes more persuasive and efficient among receipients, thus gaining greater empathy and support to the justice of the Palestinian cause and to Jerusalem.


It is worth noting the valuable contributions that have enriched the section's content. They include Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen El Awash, ASBU President, Ahmed Assaf, Supervisor of the Palestinian Public Media, General Authority for Radio and Television, Basem Barhoum, General Manager of Oudah Channel, and Ibrahim Shabbouh, expert on Jerusalem affairs. This is in addition to presenting the experience of the first Arab co-production undertaken by ASBU in 2000 in cooperation with the Tunisian Radio, i.e. the drama series "Paradise Land", written by Ali Dib and directed by Al-Mongi bin Ibrahim.


Topics covered in this issue are: The language of the discourse in Arab media: Should the media use only Al-Fos'ha, or also dialects in order to widen up their outreach? To what extent this language is used in technological communication as a tool of cultural invasion in the Arab countries?


"The war of media terminology and their impact on the Iraqi mentality to diffuse national identity" is an article focusing on the following questions: Is media-used terminology purely produced byIraqi ideologies? Or does it carry explosive ideas produced by Israeli and Western parties targeting the Arab region and specifically Iraq?


We can also read the section "Innovations in Communication Technologies" reviewing the latest innovations in the audiovisual field and the latest manufactured equipment.


"Coverage of the Arab satellite media landscape " presents a number of observations and deductions, the most important of which is lack of activity that has characterized thelast summer period in program schedules, in addition to the growing number of satellite channels despite tough circumstances.