Home ASBU Academy holds first Consultative Council meeting, October 29-30, 2017

ASBU Academy holds first Consultative Council meeting, October 29-30, 2017


The Consultative Council of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) Academy will hold its first meeting in Tunis October 29-30, 2017, with several items on its agenda.

Indeed and with the objective of keeping up with developments and changing professional practices in the radio and TV field, the Academy has established a Consulttive Council of nine Arab and international experts, who are appointed in their quality by the ASBU Director General for three years each. Two thirds of the panel are replaced every three years.


The Council’s role includes providing assistance in defining the Academy’s training strategy, helping out its permanent team set priorities according to key developments in the training sector.


The meeting agenda includes several items covering the Academy's activities:


medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Background  framework   of  setting  up  a  Consultative  Council  for   the ASBU Media Training Academy

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Report on ASBU Academy activities during 2017

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Draft Strategic training Plan, based on the Feasibility Study and types of training sessions and Training approach

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif Arab and International cooperation, including partnership and sponsorship program, financing and economic feasibility and marketing

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif  Draft calendar of the Training Activities of the Academy for 2018

medias/2013/icones/pucefullred1.gif 2019 Prospective Action Plan (main axes and features , focused activities